Saturday, December 26, 2009

Orthodox Man

Back in the day when I started drawing Dorks I created Orthodox Man. I had no idea what the word meant but just thought it sounded cool. Later when a teacher explained it to me I still don't think I really understood it but his origin story was that he was a priest and he was outside doing stuff and a big fireball hit him. Thus giving him powers. In the one picture you can see Orthodox Man fighting Attitude who is not sporting his signature "horn" and for some reason he's wearing a cape. And they're in the mountains. My friend at the time put his character in the background who was also a type of silly hero who's power was a stretching neck. So there he is trying to save a guy from falling but at the same time there's a bunch of rocks about to crush him. We were real genius' back then huh.

I don't know why Orthodox Man is sporting a "Have A Nice Day" chest emblem nor a smiley face with an arrow thru it on his arm. I think I was just throwing stuff together just for the sake of it. His adventures were short lived and he never really stayed in the Dorks universe. He won't be missed and nobody will care and quite frankly, neither will I. :)

As I was doing this post I was sketching Orthodox Man. I guess sometimes you just feel a bit nostalgic.

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