Thursday, November 17, 2011

Razura Sketches

While sitting around trying to get warmed up to draw Wolfman, I've been doodling some Razura stuff. It's always fun to revisit these guys and hope to one day bring them back to life in print. For now here's just some of the drawings I've done. Trying to tweak them and changing them around a bit. Seeing what works.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Razura Reboot: Almost

From the vaults of Idiot Press comes yet another ambitious project that only got as far as a cover and a first page. This is the long awaited (by me, I don't think I really had any Razura fans) return of Imp, Karloff and Razor in their first 22 page full sized comic book. One day I hope to revisit these guys. It's not a long enough story to warrant an ongoing series so it may come back in the form of a mini series. I hope sometime soon. Until then, here's a look at what could have been.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Wizard World 2011

This past weekend was Wizard World 2011 and of course I can't go through a con without getting one guest Dorks drawing. This year it comes from Eric Martin whom, strangely enough draw similar to the old Dorks style and his character The Cosmic Dot also resembles them. Eric was very fun to talk to and his are was very awesome. He's got tons of little Cosmic Dot's and there seems to be a very cool idea behind it all. Hopefully he'll have a book done soon.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Dorks Collected

Gearing up for Wizard World 2011 here at the Idiot Press house. As per customer request, I've put together a collected book with the first four issues of Dorks. Many people voiced their concerns on buying the fifth issue without the other books to read. Instead of putting issue five on hold until I can redraw the first four issues, I'm doing a special collection of the first original issues which will lead directly into the new fifth issue. It's all totally relettered for an easier read and I've also included the seldom seen short stories. There was a FCBD ashcan given out in 2010 of the two stories but now you can get them if you didn't attend our FCBD 2010 signing. Here's a look at the cover:

The cover is of course based on the first cover that was done from the original version of the series and the relaunch (pictured in the background of the new cover). The back cover is a redrawing of the second issue with Latitude on the box. There are new spot drawings inside the book so there will be new material to look for in this book.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Dorks Vs . . .

For a while I was into drawing the Dorks fighting somebody. In these two drawings it was the Mr Men. After these drawings I even wrote a story that went along with it. These were done around the same time that I was doing the Dorks relaunch that never happened. Shocked I'm shure. Alas, enjoy these oddball fights.
"Dorks vs Mr Men": This one was alot of fun to do. If you don't get the reference, Attitude and Mr Happy are squaring off ala Superman and Shazam in Kingdom Come. My favorite part though is the way Mr Tickle is slamming Latitude into the building."And then the reinforcements showed up": The original idea behind this was that the Dorks brought in the Idiots for a revenge fight. The story I wrote was way different. Doesn't matter. Total ambush here on the Dorks part.
"Caped Wonder Vs Longitude": Simple drawing of Caped Wonder knocking Longitude off a tall building. Wish I had finished this one. It really only needed the building bricks on the right side and it would've been done. Not really shure why I stopped working on it. Other then laziness.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Idiots Correction

Turns out as I was looking through some of my old art that there was in fact a cover for Dorks issue 6: Take 2. Once again, an incomplete cover but interesting fact (to me). Issue 6 was being worked on in 96. I find this odd just because I can't remember for the life in me when issue 5 came out. I lost the original inside cover for that issue and I don't seem to have any copies at all of issue 5. Also, as you can see, I've been pretty much recreating the same scenario as the first and third incarnation. Another odd fact is that all the Idiots were there. For some reason Beatitude wasn't present in the beginning but he was around at the end of the issue where Fortitude is absent. Ah well. Here are the missing pages uncovered. Enjoy.

And just for kicks, here's a look at all three covers next to each other.

Sunday, May 15, 2011


For as long as there has been the Dorks gang, there's been the Idiots gang. No group nor character is complete without a rival of their own and that's just what the Idiots were for Dorks.

It started with the three Tudes, Vicissitude, Quietude, and Beatitude. They were the real gang counterparts of the Dorks members. These guys were serious about gang banging and the Dorks were caught in the middle of their turf war. Even if the Dorks weren't on their property, the Idiots would still find a reason to go after them. It's the code of the gang.

In the Dorks series, the Idiots were always to debut in issue 6, after "The Alliance" storyline wrapped up. "The Alliance" was nothing more then the story of the Dorks gang coming together. Once that was established we were to see the downside to having your own gang. The first cover I drew showcasing the Idiots was very premature. I must've drawn this before I completed issue 2.

And just because I always got ahead of myself, I thought, "Hey, why not give them their own book. Tell their origins. How they got together." That idea only lasted a cover. Speaking of premature, you can see how far ahead I was thinking of this idea since the Idiot Press logo was the original version. The new logo was officially used on Dorks issue 3.

Dorks issue 6 was in full swing and being worked on for a while. Sadly, I have a bad habit of jumping ahead and just drawing what I am itching to draw. With issue 6, I only got as far as the completing the first four pages, half way finishing the fifth page and penciling the six page. Yet, I did find it appropriate to draw pages 21 and 22 even though the entire book was still not scripted. I always knew that the first page would open with them in the alley telling Vicissitude about the Dorks, then he would declare his war on them. The ending would be the Idiots about to pummel poor Attitude when Magnitude made his heroic return. Thus, that's all that was really drawn for issue 6.
And speaking of that first page, here are three versions of that first page. I had always been excited about doing that first page and getting it right that I've made several incarnations of it. The first one does go with that original cover shown above. The second version of page one just came out of nowhere. No cover was done for it, no story was written for it. It just was. The third version of course is what was being done for the series and even appeared in the Dorks collected edition.Here's to what the next incarnation of the Idiots will be. With Dorks issue five completed and on sale, maybe we'll finally get an issue six done and this whole obsession with them declaring war behind us.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Vapor issue 1

Here's a couple of old pieces from the past.

This is a page from the ill fated Vapor series. It was pretty much a spinoff of the Imp comic book. There was only one issue versus the two issues of Imp. In reality, it was more like three issues of Imp since it was a continuing storyline. I came across the xerox of the page. I think I was trying to make an ashcan of the old series and just gave up on it. Vapor had just woken up from a nightmare only to start a real life nightmare. What creative writing...

This next pic is just one of my classroom doodles. It features Imp, Sporn (That weird thing at the bottom that people referred to as a sperm with fangs) I can't remember what I named that fire creature. I have it written down somewhere. Of course Imp is messing around with the Orb that made several appearances throughout the Imp series. In Grubbmaster Pieces it was used to herald the Orb Master that was featured as an interlude.