Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy 2010!

Here's to the New Year. I hope to do more with Dorks this year now. BOTW has been finished for some months now and it was fun as hell to do. I hope to be working on another project with Dave soon but first up will be the long awaited (by me) Dorks 10th anniversary collected edition. It's going to be like the original collected book except it'll be printed the way I had intended to back in 2000. The funniest part of the story is that I wanted to print it in the smaller format which wasn't really popular back then, but I wanted the smaller fomat done to go with the the printing of the original books which were printed as ashcans. The printer had told me that he doesn't print in that format though. I argued with him though since he had prices listed on his flyer for the smaller format. That was the least of the printing issues with Dorks though. Like I've said, the cover just falls rite off as soon as you open it. Alot of other things were my fault because I rushed it but I've been working on this since I finished Bride Of The Wolfman so this time around no excuses. There will be alot of new goodies in it and also an exclusive new story written by Dave Gruba (Bride Of The Wolfman, Gondor, White Knife) and drawn by myself. You've seen the pinup supplied by Stan Tanaka colored by Benny Fuentes and it just knocks my socks off each and every single time I look at it. There's a couple more goodies but they're surprises so I won't spoil it. Just be ready for the newly improved Dorks: A History collecting issues 1-6 of the original series and then some. Until then I hope you all a Happy New Year and I'll be seeing you at the conventions.

-Rene Castellano January 1st, 2010

As a special treat, here's a peek at the new cover. This is how I had intended for the original to look like.