Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Dorks Issue 3

After reworking Dorks issue 5, the question became, which way should I continue?  Should I move forward and continue the saga with Dorks issue 6 or should I go backwards and rework the first four issues and restructure the story so that future issues make sense.

I decided to go backwards.  Instead of going in order, I started where ever I felt like.  Which caused the entire project to stop.  I never got to introduce the Idiots gang.  I never got to the return of Magnitude.  Longitudes quest for the truth.  Instead I wanted to redraw the dream sequence from issue 3 where Attitude meets an inverted Tude that condemns him for wanting to be accepted by those that have rejected him.  In the new version, I thought it would be better to have a negative version of him condemning him and speaking the harsh truths to Attitude.  Also, instead of a generic mushroom companion I substituted him with Happy the Stick, the comic book character that Attitude loves to read.  This way, the negative version of himself and his favorite fictional character are both against him, thus leaving him alone in his quest to fit in.