Sunday, May 15, 2011


For as long as there has been the Dorks gang, there's been the Idiots gang. No group nor character is complete without a rival of their own and that's just what the Idiots were for Dorks.

It started with the three Tudes, Vicissitude, Quietude, and Beatitude. They were the real gang counterparts of the Dorks members. These guys were serious about gang banging and the Dorks were caught in the middle of their turf war. Even if the Dorks weren't on their property, the Idiots would still find a reason to go after them. It's the code of the gang.

In the Dorks series, the Idiots were always to debut in issue 6, after "The Alliance" storyline wrapped up. "The Alliance" was nothing more then the story of the Dorks gang coming together. Once that was established we were to see the downside to having your own gang. The first cover I drew showcasing the Idiots was very premature. I must've drawn this before I completed issue 2.

And just because I always got ahead of myself, I thought, "Hey, why not give them their own book. Tell their origins. How they got together." That idea only lasted a cover. Speaking of premature, you can see how far ahead I was thinking of this idea since the Idiot Press logo was the original version. The new logo was officially used on Dorks issue 3.

Dorks issue 6 was in full swing and being worked on for a while. Sadly, I have a bad habit of jumping ahead and just drawing what I am itching to draw. With issue 6, I only got as far as the completing the first four pages, half way finishing the fifth page and penciling the six page. Yet, I did find it appropriate to draw pages 21 and 22 even though the entire book was still not scripted. I always knew that the first page would open with them in the alley telling Vicissitude about the Dorks, then he would declare his war on them. The ending would be the Idiots about to pummel poor Attitude when Magnitude made his heroic return. Thus, that's all that was really drawn for issue 6.
And speaking of that first page, here are three versions of that first page. I had always been excited about doing that first page and getting it right that I've made several incarnations of it. The first one does go with that original cover shown above. The second version of page one just came out of nowhere. No cover was done for it, no story was written for it. It just was. The third version of course is what was being done for the series and even appeared in the Dorks collected edition.Here's to what the next incarnation of the Idiots will be. With Dorks issue five completed and on sale, maybe we'll finally get an issue six done and this whole obsession with them declaring war behind us.