Saturday, January 22, 2011

Vapor issue 1

Here's a couple of old pieces from the past.

This is a page from the ill fated Vapor series. It was pretty much a spinoff of the Imp comic book. There was only one issue versus the two issues of Imp. In reality, it was more like three issues of Imp since it was a continuing storyline. I came across the xerox of the page. I think I was trying to make an ashcan of the old series and just gave up on it. Vapor had just woken up from a nightmare only to start a real life nightmare. What creative writing...

This next pic is just one of my classroom doodles. It features Imp, Sporn (That weird thing at the bottom that people referred to as a sperm with fangs) I can't remember what I named that fire creature. I have it written down somewhere. Of course Imp is messing around with the Orb that made several appearances throughout the Imp series. In Grubbmaster Pieces it was used to herald the Orb Master that was featured as an interlude.