Monday, February 8, 2010

Jose R. Mesarina Part 1

You may know this name from the Unbelievable Laundry Detergent Man comic book series. Back in 2001 when we started talking again Nino had done a crazy load of Dorks drawings for me. Some of them are just outstanding and eye catching. Others were, well, they seemed like Dorks mixed with acid. I'm posting the eye catching ones first as to not distract from them with the crazy ones he did. Trust me, when you see part 2 of this blog you'll thank me then beg me to take them down.

I thought this was the best one of the lot. It's a very fun pic showing the Dorks being...well Dorks.

Here is one of the rival gang, The Idiots. Oooo I hate those Idiots.

Here the Dorks and the Idiots get together to protest against their biggest enemy, ME! What could be worse?

This. My Dorks characters being number one fans of Nino. Humbug I say. Humbug!


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