Monday, April 19, 2010

New Dorks Guest Drawings

This past weekend was the new Chicago Show, Chicago Comics and Entertainment Expo aka C2E2. Although the show was very similar to Wizard World Chicago, now Chicago Comicon, I had the opportunity to snag two new guest pinups and they were done by two of my favorite creators.

First up is legendary Larry Marder of Beanworld. Larry has been a huge inspiration to me since my highschool days. His creative sense of characters, worlds and even speech has been awe inspiring and gets the imagination going. I would at times copy some of his old ideas that were featured in the back of the first trade. I created characters called The Tax Collector and Executioner based on his Red Starr character (Not featured in the actual series). I started to do giant pinups of Dorks cause he did giant drawings of his world. If you ever get the chance, pick up his books. You won't be disappointed.

Next up is a current favorite of mine, Jason Yungbluth. His work on Weapon Brown is truly amazing. He has created this world where a post apocalyptic Charlie Brown wanders the Earth alone with his best pal, Snoopy. In the current story line Weapon Brown and Snoop come toe to toe with many comic strip characters from such strips as Beetle Baily, B.C. Garfield, Boondocks and even Little Orphan Annie. His take on this is something that I've always wanted to do and tried to do but fizzled out several times. He has recreated these characters and has made them fit together in a truly deranged world. Hope on over and start reading. Don't forget to stop in his store cause you'll want to pick up the first Weapon Brown story, A Peanut Scorned where Chuck goes up against the cast of Peanuts. Oh what a crazy messed up world Jason lives in.

I'd love to thank both creators for being such an influence and keeping the imagination going. Even if it is a bit crazy.

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