Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Dorks Vs . . .

For a while I was into drawing the Dorks fighting somebody. In these two drawings it was the Mr Men. After these drawings I even wrote a story that went along with it. These were done around the same time that I was doing the Dorks relaunch that never happened. Shocked I'm shure. Alas, enjoy these oddball fights.
"Dorks vs Mr Men": This one was alot of fun to do. If you don't get the reference, Attitude and Mr Happy are squaring off ala Superman and Shazam in Kingdom Come. My favorite part though is the way Mr Tickle is slamming Latitude into the building."And then the reinforcements showed up": The original idea behind this was that the Dorks brought in the Idiots for a revenge fight. The story I wrote was way different. Doesn't matter. Total ambush here on the Dorks part.
"Caped Wonder Vs Longitude": Simple drawing of Caped Wonder knocking Longitude off a tall building. Wish I had finished this one. It really only needed the building bricks on the right side and it would've been done. Not really shure why I stopped working on it. Other then laziness.

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