Friday, July 20, 2012

Imp #1

Back in 1992 or 1993, I can't remember, I had created the character known as Imp.  Originally a good guy (then bad then good again) he would fight the evil known only as Satanic Cat.  Satanic Cat was some type of acronym that I can't remember but that must've been one hell of an acronym with such a long name like that.  Satanic Cat was sorta like Mumbra, an old person that would transform into a younger, evil being.  Imp would fight him and such but really they were only one page comics that really, really sucked ass.

Then Imp became the star of his own comic book.  The only page I have a copy of is this one here that I tried to color by hand:

This was the classic fight between The Black Hole and Imp.  Witty dialogue as you can see and lots of action.  There was no real point to them fighting.  It was just the style at the time.  I tried to recreate this scene for the Grubbmaster Pieces book but it was canceled before the third story arc was to debut featuring the updated recreation of this battle.

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