Thursday, November 20, 2008

In The Beginning...

Before I launched Idiot Press Comics I was involved with a local company called Grubbmaster Graphics. The publisher, David Gruba, had asked me to contribute to his zine that he was putting together called Grubbmaster Pieces. He originally saw my Dorks comics and wanted me to contribute them to the zine but in the back of my mind I didn't feel rite "giving" away my favorite characters to some stranger. Instead I did my other characters that I had just developed for a book called Razura. If I remember he was quite happy when I turned in some of the work but years later he let me know that he was hoping for Dorks (and was a bit offended that I didn't trust him, even though he was a total stranger that I met at a comic book store). The results were great in my opinion. Razura was to be showcased in the same book with another comic called Radioactive Road Kill and The Firing Squad, both created and written by David Gruba. When the sampler came out showcasing some of the work from the three books mine was the only one with real pages to show. Firing Squad had some pencil work and Radioactive Roadkill had sketches done. This was a sign of things to come in the first and only two issues of Grubbmaster Pieces. Scans by: David Gruba

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