Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Dorks - The Comic Strip

Early on in 2001 for some reason I got this itch to once again work on Dorks. This time in the form of a comic strip. After having done the Caped Wonder 6 page story I still wanted to do more. I started off the Dorks strip with Caped Wonder and Longitude going at it once again. The eternal struggle between "Good" and "Evil". For those that've read Dorks, they know that Longitude is a good guy. If you read the Caped Wonder story you also know that the Caped Wonder is a superhero type. So if this is a battle between good and evil, who's on what side? Oh the questions. The questions! Well, the Dorks didn't even appear in their own strip until the tenth strip and at this point I lost interest. When I did these strips I did them as a daily venture. I would email them off to whomever was on my email list every morning...for ten mornings. Here they are again in all their glory. Enjoy.

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