Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Dorks - Now In Color

In high school I had a friend that hand painted a Dorks pic for me. It came out very nice and it was the first time I ever got to see my characters in full color. Sadly though I was years away from ever producing anything in color.

After high school, I was ready for the big time. I was ready to show the world that Dorks can be a real comic book with full color covers. I was finally going to do it. I can't recollect how I came about a colorist but I met a gentleman by the name of David Riske. He told me about how he was doing digital color and that he was trying to get work at the major companies. I made a deal with him to color my Dorks covers so that I could start getting them put out all professional like and stuff. The second time I met up with David Riske he showed me that he actually did a cover for Cable for Marvel comics.

When we met back up again, he not only colored my issue 4 cover, but he streamlined my logo's. The current Dorks logo that you see today is the one that he redid on his mac back in 1997. Wow, that seems ages ago no? My only complaint with him was that he inserted real items into my covers. Longitudes hat has the actual material for those types of hats, the dumpster is all rusted out. When I asked him to do the cover for issue 5 I instructed him NOT to do that again. He put in real wood for the hideout and real grass. Not to mention that he colored the sky like it was a lit window. All in all, this was the first time that the actual Dorks were in full color. I remember showing them to my oldest sister (and biggest supporter) and she just had this look on her face. I asked her if she thought it was a bad coloring job and she replied no. It was the shock of seeing them in color for the first time. She had thought that the characters were different colors like the Mr Men.

Sadly, I never did get around to making these into a color cover comic book series. I did half of issue six before quitting. Dorks never got the printed treatment that they should have, and I spent two hundred dollars for nothing.

...well, I did get some nice logo work out of it. :P

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