Thursday, May 6, 2010

Altitude - The Sixth Dork

Altitude - The Sixth Dork?

Since the beginning of Dorks Altitude had always been around. In the original strips featuring the Dorks getting together, the story had ended rite when Longitude was introduced. Rite after he was introduced Altitude was to step in. Never happened.
When the original, official twelve page comics were being done, it was scheduled to have the Dorks search for Altitude.

According to the outline, Altitude was to be a big factor in the series. I'm not shure if I ever intended to show Altitude or if the Dorks and Outsiders were just to keep looking for him. I have a rough sketch of the cover that was to kick off that storyline here:That series only lasted a book and two pages.

In retooling the universe, there were to be all sorts of groups coming out. All these gang rivals were being created to go up against the Dorks. The Idiots, The Jerks, The Outsiders, Cobraz. All coincidentally consisting of Tudes.

In the drawing above, only Platitude (Left), Attitude , and Altitude (Next to last) are the only ones that I continued to work with and develop. The middle Tude was to be the Leader of the Idiots and I don't know what the last, Altitude doppelganger was supposed to be. Platitude was the leader of Jerks and Altitude the leader of the New Outsiders.Altitude was the front runner. Along with him was Beatitude, Fortitude and some made up female Lude. After that failed attempt Fortitude and Beatitude were sent to The Idiots where they are lead by Vicissitude.

The ongoing Dorks series was to feature Altitude. In issue 5, Longitude was writing in his journal. In his journal, he has some photos pasted in it. Those photos featured Longitude, Servitude and Altitude in better times. As I was doing this page, I ran out of ideas for photo memories and just pulled the page. I doubt anybody noticed but the book came out to 19 pages instead of the 20 I was doing. The way I laid out the collected (Starting the very first page on the left) I don't think anybody would notice.I have been retooling the series for years, and for years Altitude has been the furthest from my mind. The only times he would ever come to mind were during spoofs. I was going to do a mini series much like Kingdom Come at one point. It was going to have furthered the storyline but in a funny way. Not like the Mist of the Caped Wonder (despite all the trademark infringement characters that were featured). The series was titled Nirvana. As usual, I only got as far as the cover. Altitude front line and center for the first time. And then the project fizzled.Years and years later, as I'm reworking the series I got to thinking about Altitude again. What was his role? Why was he so important? Was I just tossing in character after character to be in the Dorks gang for no reason? Did he really hold the key to something bigger? In the end, I thought yes. I've been coming up with his purpose and I'm glad to say that when the new series kicks off, we'll finally see him and what he's about. I know he won't be in the gang as always anticipated but he will be a huge factor to it all. The albino Tude will finally have his day in Dorks.

As a final note, since his inception (I really believe this was the purpose of having him around) I had this joke in mind for him. After they found him they would be, for some reason, be escaping danger in a plane. As they escape, the plane starts to go down and well, bad jokes ensue. Fifteen years in the making, I finally drew up that bad joke I always wanted to do.

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Mattroplex said...

I think you should make his pupils the pink color and the rest of the eye red. So it would be easier to depict him looking at things and such. Plus it would look cool. He's so basic, he's cool. Maybe he shouldn't be affiliated with any gang and just be a lone character who wants to get along with everyone but has some great and ominously powerful purpose....think like Ang in Avatar: The Last Air-Bender.