Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Free Comic Book Day 2010

Thanks to everybody who came out in support to us on Free Comic Book Day. Here are some pics from First Aid Comics where James Nurss was kind enough to host us.

The crowds were huge at Free Comic Book Day at First Aid Comics.
Dave gets his dancing shows on while the crowds...crowd around our humble table.Our humble table. Go Instant Press Comics!Dave at the Instant Press table.Rene, actually at his table???The readership grows.Get them while they're young. Here we have our youngest reader. She really seemed to enjoy that copy of Bride Of The Wolfman created and written by Dave and drawn by myself.Our gracious host, James Nurss.Our gracious host turns on us. He flexes his muscles before tossing us out. Thank you James for a great FCBD turnout.

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