Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Original Imp

The original Imp (seen below) originally had legs and three fingers. He had flames that would come out of his hands cause I guess it was cool and junk. Imp was originally created as somebody that was to take on The Savage Dragon in The Savage Dragon Character Creating Contest. I loved the book so much (even though it was announced in the second issue that was six months late) and I just imagined all sorts of adventures they could have fighting each other. Erik Larsen mentioned that Savage Dragons weakness are sharp objects like knives. So of course being the creative person that I am and embarking on my first original character I gave him sharp nails. I wish I had a copy or the original of the final version where Imp looks like Imp. Oddly, before I had done the final version, I actually had done a series of strips of him. Only he was a good guy. His nemesis? An evil cat. The cats name was some acronym that included the words Satanic and Cat. See? That showed how evil he was. He was an old cat and he would transform in to a young ninja. Again, no idea why. I didn't even remember this until a month ago as I was going thru some of my paper work and just stumbled upon it.

Imp though I believe has evolved greatly and I wish I had more things to show from his past adventures. He went from being a good guy to a bad guy to being a rebel, which is both good and bad. I do have more things on him so keep an eye out during this, Grubb Master Month.

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