Monday, June 7, 2010

Savage Warriors

During High School, my good friend William Sabo talked to me about working on his comic book Savage Warriors. He had previously done work on his own comics, Hoge (whom can be seen in a small cameo appearance in Dorks Vol. 1 issue 1). The idea I admit was way out of my comfort zone. I could barely draw humans, thus causing me to create little round men and weird looking aliens and giving The Fighter a mask and a long coat. to my surprise though, I was able to pull just a bit out of my @$$ and draw up some things. I did copy from other comic books to make myself seem like a real artist.

The characters were Xymbolga, Stynger, Grypclaw and Grinder. My only problem was that they were all scaled very oddly. The dragon was 80 ft tall, The scorpion was 60 ft, the crab was 20ft and Grinder was I think 6 ft tall.

I had several concerns on how to get them all in the frames, how they would interact, and mostly, what kind of villains they would fight that would be formidable for an 80 ft dragon and a 6 ft human. I had a discussion with the creator and he told me he'd talk it over with the co-creator and see what they can come up with. His reply back to me was that they saw no issues with my concerns. I then lost interest very fast.

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