Friday, July 16, 2010

Dorks Issue 5

Announcing the release of Dorks issue 5.
I know that that sounds weird considering that there is already an issue 5 but let me explain. In trying to jump start the new series I got wrapped up in redoing the original series. Once I got started on it I started loving the way the old stuff was coming to life. When I was redoing the fifth issue that's when it hit me. There was a way to redo the original series and incorporate the new stuff at the same time. Issue five will be altered mildly but in a big way. Once issue six hits it'll take a small break in the story to tie together the old with the new. It's pretty exciting to me and I hope it'll be to old and new readers alike. You'll be able to read the old books and still be able to follow the new story.

Here's just a look at one of the things I'm proud of in terms of my skills having come a long way.
Dorks Issue 5 will be available for Fallcon in October. Mark my words.

P.S. I've enlisted some artist to help me out for a couple pages. For those that have read the original version will have an idea on what was done.


GrubbMaster said...

I am so happy about the revival of Dorks. It's about time you put yourself out there. Great job!
And I am going to hold you to having it ready for FallCon.

Idiot Press Comics said...

I'm holding myself to having it out by Fallcon. I've been working my butt off on this project. I hope to finally get Dorks back on track after this.

Mattroplex said...

I'm holding you to it as well....Cuz I'm mean like that.

Idiot Press Comics said...

Dammit! Dr Venture and Brock are holding me to my promise. I can't let them down now.

I'm working almost daily on this project. It should be done by the end of August if all goes well. At the printers in September and back in time for Fallcon. If not I'll have to hide from Matt.