Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Fighter Guest Artist Part 1

Here are just a few of the many pin up's I've collected over the years of The Fighter. Enjoy.

Kevin - I forget his last name and I forget what projects he's worked on. I just know I got this drawing as a trade with the artist. I gotta say I got a killer deal on this one. It was so much fun sitting next to him and he had me laughing the entire convention.

Stan Tanaka - This is part of a bigger picture that Stan did. It featured several Instant Press characters (You can see White Knife in the foreground) battling it out with Devil's Due character, mainly G.I. Joe. This part featuring The Fighter was such a great action shot. I loved the ninja stars sticking on his staff as he lunges forward in battle. This picture is colored by Outlaw.

Nick - I forget his last name as well. Boy I should really remember to write these down. This was done at a Chicago show as well. He did such a great job in such a nice style.

Puck - This was an interesting one. Puck did this in one sitting, while sitting on the floor. I loved the colors on it not to mention the feel.

Matt Wendt - A good friend who did an awesome job on this. He sat down that nite to do a donation piece for Fallcon and after he did a killer G.I. Joe pic he whipped this one out.

Last but not least (For this posting) is a drawing by David Gruba. That's rite. He doesn't just write comics. He draws too. Don't let him fool you. He's hiding his art skills and once in a while he'll let it out.


GrubbMaster said...

Thanks for putting me up there with the likes of Matt and Stan. I am honored. I remember using Indiana Jones for the hat and I think Steven or Kyle for the hand.

Mattroplex said...

I forgot I did that sketch. 2003...geez, we're all getting old. Now i remember doing it in Becky's apartment. I'm a little shocked at how well the coat turned out seeing as I suck at wrinkles and sucked alot more 7 years ago.