Monday, November 8, 2010

James 2099

I have to say first off that as I was sitting here drawing, I felt like revisiting a cover I was working on some years ago. I pulled out the old 2099 pages and looked at the original cover and noticed that I did it in November.

That said, I just wanted to share the short lived, James 2099 story. A favorite of mine even though I only drew it once. Thinking of it now this could be very fun to do. Incorporating an idea that Matt Wendt pitched for Dorks, I thought it would be better suited for James. This idea was of an alternate world where anything goes. Impossible characters appear. Where one of the dorks would be a hero type character. Instead I think it would work with James ala Calvin & Hobbes. While James steals lunches ('ey Boo boo) he could be dreaming of escaping from the bad guys and much more. Enjoy the short lived James: 2099.

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