Wednesday, December 1, 2010

James 2099 Updated

Did a bit of updating on the James 2099 characters. I also did a panel featuring each of the characters that were from the very short comic book. I thought the updated versions came out pretty nice. Makes me want to work on this seriously.

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Mattroplex said...

These are rad! I really like the action shots. Ya know...Rather than work on this as a separate title, I think you should find a way to incorporate them into the DORKS universe. Believe me....I know all about trying to juggle multiple titles...and it's total frustration. You'd always be wanting to work on the ones you AREN'T working on rather than the one in front of you. But in all seriousness, I think these characters could fit rather well into the Dorks world. Maybe make them wannabe super heros who think that the Dorks are evil aliens bent on world domination so they constantly hassle and annoy the Dorks. You can totally incorporate the Calvin and Hobbes treatment to them too. I see potential in these guys.