Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A brief Introduction

Most people that will read this or see this will wonder why Idiot Press Comics. Well, as my good friend Dave Gruba did with his blog, he named it after his first venture into publishing. Idiot Press Comics represents to me the past and where I thought I was going 15 years ago (God it seems a lifetime ago). I did a small circuit myself of promoting my work after Grubbmaster Pieces was over. I worked on Dorks for some years and even did some in store signings as well as sold to the local comic book retailers. Those days were fun. The graduating point of it all was when I published a collected edition of Dorks. After that I closed the doors on Idiot Press to venture into the now ongoing company, Instant Press Comics (which I'm proud to say Dave Gruba is a part of). That's the skinny of it. I have lots of Dorks crap and stories to talk about as well as my pointless views on the now dead "indy" industry. That's all.


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