Monday, August 2, 2010

The Fighter Guest Artist Part 2

There isn't too many guest artist pin ups of The Fighter to share. This second batch is pretty much it. I guess though that there are more of him there is of Imp or the Rulers of Razura. Maybe this Wizard World trip I'll fix that. Or maybe just get more Dorks pinups. :P

Art Baltazar - Artist on the popular title Tiny Titans. Here's a fun Fighter drawing done in Art's trademarked crayon coloring way.

Nino Messerina - The man who brought you Unbelievable Laundry Detergent Man comes this retro, Ditko looking pic. I always enjoyed this one. It was a nice action shot and just all around nice feel to it.

Kevin Girard - This one is a homage to a Batman pic and it came out rather nicely. Like, questioning the mask or rather who's behind it.

Ivan Flores - A simple pic Ivan did while working on Unit 1. Just striking a pose.

Lance "Doc" Boucher - A fun pinup with Fighter teasing Wolff Hunter. I wonder who would win in that fight.

--- Moy - I'm not sure which Moy did this but I like it alot. He did a fantastic job on him.

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