Monday, August 23, 2010


Wizard World weekend has come and gone. A great time was had and I owe it to some of the most generous people that wouldn't let me stay home and sulk. David Gruba, Matt Wendt and Becky Grutzik were very kind to invite me to the show and hang out with them. A big thanks to them to and of course to my fiancee who wanted to do everything she could so I could have a good time but I'm glad that bills come first.

At the show I got to meet a very nice guy named Mike White. He was sitting next to Matt and Becky and he does one of the funniest books I've read in ages. Amity Blamity. I advise all to read it and buy his books. Not only does he have a great comic book but he's also a very funny guy in person. You couldn't ask for a better con neighbor at a show. He was nice enough to give me tips on inking, while letting me record him work and he did a great Dorks pinup as well. This piece below was all done in one sitting and he was just engaged in it. He kept asking me "should I do this" and so on and I just wanted to say you've drawn enough as it is but he really just kept going. Thanks again Mike. You were awesome and I hope to meet you again.

P.S. He's also friends with Greg Hyland of Lethargic Lad fame. I couldn't believe that. As if that wasn't amazing enough, he was the one that did the Lil Lethargic Lad strips that were featured in the books. Wow.


GrubbMaster said...

You are very welcome, my friend. I would not have enjoyed it without you.
Mike did a great job on that pin-up. I love the Rogue D-ork.

Mattroplex said...

I'm glad we finally got through to you and convinced you to come out to play. Thanks for watching our table for us on Sunday while we were out spending the precious little monies we made at the show. I'm sure you didn't mind since you got to hang with Mike.

Mike truly was one of the best convention neighbors I've ever had and his work is awesome. He's incredibly humble and nice too. That pinup he did for you rocks.

^_^ said...

Aw Thanks Guys! You were pretty much the highlight of my WWC too, I had a really good time. When you guys come out west, we'll be sure to make sure you get the RockStar treatment!